Festival Camping Essentials (16)

  1. Trail 2 Man Pop Up Tent With Single Skin
    2 Man Pop Up Tent Redirect URL
    SAVE 50% RRP £69.99
    In stock
  2. Trail Folding Blue Camping Trolley
    Folding Camping Trolley Cart Redirect URL
    SAVE 62% RRP £169.99
    In stock
  3. Envelope 200 Sleeping Bag
    Envelope Sleeping Bag 200gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 33% RRP £29.99
    In stock
  4. Trail Mummy Sleeping Bag
    Mummy Sleeping Bag 300gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 33% RRP £44.99
    In stock
  5. Double Sleeping Bag
    Double Sleeping Bag 250gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 54% RRP £69.99
    In stock
  6. Trail Self Inflating Camping Mat With Pillow
    Self Inflating Mat with Pillow Redirect URL
    SAVE 47% RRP £34.99
    In stock
  7. Trail Compact Folding Camping Chair
    Compact Folding Camping Chair Redirect URL
    SAVE 42% RRP £24.99
    In stock
  8. Trail Kestrel Deluxe High Back Camping Chair
    Kestrel High Back Camping Chair Redirect URL
    SAVE 40% RRP £39.99
    In stock
  9. Meadow Folding Outdoor Seat
    Meadow Hiking Sit Mat Redirect URL
    SAVE 43% RRP £34.99
    In stock
  10. Trail Hawk Lightweight Folding Chair Blue
    Hawk Lightweight Folding Chair Redirect URL
    SAVE 50% RRP £49.99
    In stock
  11. Trail Small Folding Camping Table
    Small Folding Camping Table Redirect URL
    SAVE 50% RRP £29.99
    In stock

Festival Camping Essentials

Gearing up for the festival season? At Trail, you’ll find all the festival camping essentials you need to make it a winning weekend. Whether you like your own space or you’re crashing with pals, we have tents in a range of sizes to build your perfect basecamp. Plus, a wide range of sleeping equipment to ensure you wake up feeling fresh and ready to party the day away.

Lots of gear to carry to your campsite? Take the weight off your shoulders with our camping trolley. With wheels and an extendable handle, it makes carrying everything a breeze. Simply load it up and away you go! And once you've set up camp, you can sit back and relax with our tables and chairs. Perfect for chilling out with a cold beer and enjoying a bit of downtime.

Looking for extra info on the festival tents we sell? Click on the 'Tents' tab to find out more. Or click on the 'Sleeping Gear' tab for a breakdown of our festival sleeping gear.

Pop Up Tent (2 Person)

A festival classic that's perfect if you're looking for a simple place to crash. What the pop up lacks in space, it makes up for in convenience. Simply remove it from its bag and it pops into shape. Not only is it super-fast and easy to pitch, but it's a breeze to pack away once the festival has finished.

Frame Tents (3 to 4 Person)

Although our frame tents take longer to pitch, they're a lot more spacious and comfortable to sleep in. Plus, they're more waterproof than our pop up tent, so there's no need to panic if the heaven's open. The extra space also gives you plenty of room to store your muddy boots and festival gear.

Brazen Air Tent (4 Person)

For a luxury tent that's a breeze to pitch, look no further than our Brazen air tent. Simply peg it down, then pump it up for a fast, easy, and stress-free set up. Like our frame tents, it has plenty of space to sleep, chill, and dine with your fellow campers. Plus, it's the most waterproof tent in our range.

Single Envelope Sleeping Bag

Going to a festival during the height of summer when the weather's hot and humid? This classic sleeping bag is the way to go. With its rectangular shape, it isn't too tight and stuffy. Plus, it's a one season sleeping bag, making it cooler to sleep in on hot summer nights.

Single Mummy Sleeping Bag

Of course, not every festival takes place during the height of summer. If it's late in the season and the nights are cooler, our mummy sleeping bag is perfect for keeping you snug. Extra filling provides extra warmth while its tapered shape helps to store your body heat.

Double Envelope Sleeping Bag

Similar to our single envelope sleeping bag, but with space for two, making it perfect for couples. Like the single, it's a top choice for hot summer nights. As an added extra, you can easily transform it into two single sleeping bags if you're crying out for personal space.

Camping Mat with Pillow

Sleeping on the cold, hard ground is no fun when you're camping. Thankfully, our self-inflating camping mat is on hand to help. Fast and easy to inflate, it's perfect for giving you a comfortable surface to sleep on. Plus, it has an integrated pillow to rest your weary head.

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