Sleeping Bags (12)

  1. Alpine 250 Sleeping Bag With Hood
    Alpine Hooded Sleeping Bag 250gsm Redirect URL
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  2. Trail Mummy Sleeping Bag
    Mummy Sleeping Bag 300gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 33% RRP £44.99
    In stock
  3. Envelope 200 Sleeping Bag
    Envelope Sleeping Bag 200gsm Redirect URL
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  4. Double Sleeping Bag
    Double Sleeping Bag 250gsm Redirect URL
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  5. Trail Kids Envelope Sleeping Bag
    Kids Envelope Sleeping Bag 200gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 43% RRP £29.99
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  6. Trail Kids Overnight Adventure Sleeping Bag Blue
    Kids Mummy Sleeping Bag 300gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 38% RRP £39.99
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  7. Alpine 400 Hooded Sleeping Bag Blue
    Alpine Hooded Sleeping Bag 400gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 42% RRP £59.99
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Camping Sleeping Bags

Enjoy a cosy sleep while camping with our Camping Sleeping Bags. Whether you're camping during the summer, winter, or months in-between, you'll find a sleeping bag that delivers perfect warmth and comfort. Plus, we stock single, double, and mini sleeping bags for adults, couples, and kids.

Knowing which sleeping bag to choose for warmer or colder weather depends on the amount of filling there is inside it. Like most sleeping bag specialists, we measure the filling in grams per square metre, or GSM. Put simply, the higher the GSM, the warmer you'll find a sleeping bag is to sleep in.

Need extra help choosing a sleeping bag? Click on the 'Seasons' and 'Styles' tabs above for further information. Or visit our Comparison Guide for a a quick rundown of the different sleeping bags we stock.

If you're camping during the summer, you don't want a sleeping bag that's too hot and stuffy. Likewise, if you're camping in the winter, you don't want a sleeping that's too thin and provides little insulation. To help you pick the perfect one, here's a rundown of our sleeping bag season ratings:

100gsm (1 season sleeping bag): Perfect for keeping you cool and comfy on hot and humid summer nights.

200gsm (2 season sleeping bag): Great for late spring and early autumn, as well as cooler summer weather.

300gsm (3 season sleeping bag): A top choice for colder spring and autumn nights. Plus, mild winter weather.

400gsm (4 season sleeping bag): Super warm and snug, making it perfect for those f-f-f-frosty winter nights.

At Trail, we stock sleeping bags in a range of sizes and styles. Choosing the right one depends on a variety of factors. For example, whether you like lots of space while sleeping or whether you like to feel extra warm and toasty. To help you decide, here's a rundown of the different styles we sell:

Mummy Sleeping Bags: Tapered at the feet to keep you tightly enclosed like a mummy. This helps to reduce air circulation, store your body heat, and keep you extra warm and snug when you're sleeping.

Envelope Sleeping Bags: Also known as traditional or rectangular sleeping bags and by far the most popular choice with seasoned campers. Less restrictive than a mummy sleeping bag for a duvet-like feel.

Hooded Sleeping Bags: Envelope-shaped to give you plenty of room while sleeping, but with a snug hood to keep your head and shoulders warm. Hooded sleeping bags also tend to be thicker and warmer.

Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bags: Looking for a luxury sleeping bag? With their soft and cosy lining, our cotton flannel sleeping bags are a perfect option. They're also double quilted with offset stitching to minimise heat loss.

Double Sleeping Bags: Planning a family camping trip or romantic getaway? With space for two people, our double sleeping bags are just the ticket. They're also easily convertible into two single sleeping bags.

Kids Sleeping Bags: As the name suggests, these sleeping bags are a perfect size for young children up to 5ft tall. As well as an envelope sleeping bag for kids, we also stock a mummy sleeping bag for kids.

For the best night's sleep while camping, you'll need more than just a sleeping bag. Thankfully, we stock a wide range of sleeping essentials, including sleeping mats and inflatable pillows for a comfortable camping experience.

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