Sleeping Mats (11)

  1. Foil Camping Mat
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  2. Trail Thick Foam Camping Mat
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  3. Ultra Light Sleeping Mat
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  4. Ultra Light Sleeping Mat with Pillow
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  5. Trail Double Self Inflating Mat 2.5cm Thick
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  6. Trail Self Inflating Camping Mat With Pillow
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  7. Trail 3cm thick Self Inflating Camping Mat
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  8. Blue Double Self-inflating Camping Mattress
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  9. Trail Self Inflating Camping Mat 10cm Thick
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Camping Sleeping Mats

Sleeping on the cold, hard ground is best avoided when you're camping. Unless you're happy to wake up with sore legs and crippling back pain. Thankfully, we stock a range of Camping Sleeping Mats to provide the comfort, support, and insulation you need for a perfect sleep.

As well as foam roll mats, we also have self-inflating mats in a range of styles, including single and double mats. Plus, air beds and mattresses for a luxury 'home comfort' feel. Knowing which mat to choose depends on whether weight or comfort are more important for your trip.

For example, if you're backpacking or hiking, you'll want a mat that's lightweight and compact to easily strap onto or fit inside your backpack. On the other hand, warmth and comfort are more important than size and weight if you're going on a camping or festival adventure.

Need extra help choosing a mat? Click on the 'Camping Mats' tab for a breakdown of the mats well. Or, for a quick, easy rundown, check out our Camping Mat Comparison Guide.

Foam Roll Mats: Lighter than inflatable mats and easy to strap to a backpack, foam roll mats are a popular choice with backpackers and hikers. Simply release the straps and roll them out for a fast, easy set up. Then, roll them up and secure the straps when packing away.

Choose a foil-lined foam mat for extra insulation if you're camping out in colder weather. Or choose a thick foam roll mat for superior comfort on both level and bumpy ground.

Self-Inflating Mats: Like most inflatables, self-inflating mats pack into a compact size and are relatively light to carry. They also do the hard work of inflating for you. Simply release the valve and watch in wonder as their comfy foam interior automatically expands.

Choose from a single or double mat, plus a choice of thicknesses ranging from 2.5cm to 10cm. As a general rule, the thicker the mat, the greater the comfort and insulation.

Ultra Light Inflatable Mats: These mats pack into an ultra-light and compact size to easily fit inside a backpack. Little wonder they're so popular with hikers and campers alike. Better still, they're easily inflatable in just 15 breaths and comfy for back, front, and side sleepers.

As well as a single and double mat, we also stock a single mat with an integrated pillow. Plus, a range of different colours o suit your taste, including black, purple, and blue.

Deluxe Self-Inflating Mats: Luxury support and comfort are the name of the game with our Deluxe Self-Inflating Mats. With their sturdy boxed wall sides, they provide superior support when sleeping. Plus, they have brushed stretch polyester surface for a 'home comfort' feel.

As well as a single and double mats, we also stock a deluxe mattress for camper vans. The mattress is suitable for both 3/4 and full-size rock and roll camper van beds.

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