Folding Camping Chairs (15)

  1. Sisken Low Folding Beach Chair
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  2. Trail Beach Mat With Backrest
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  3. Trail Lightweight Aluminium Sun Lounger
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Folding Camping Chairs

Whilst a tent gives you a place to sleep and much-needed respite from the rain, most of us prefer to spend time outside when we’re camping. Strong, sturdy, and lightweight, our folding camping chairs are perfect for taking a seat wherever your adventure takes you. So, you can experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors while relaxing in luxury comfort.

Whether you're camping, caravanning, hiking, or heading to the beach, we've got a portable chair to suit your needs and budget. While some have snug padding, others have high backs for superior lumbar support. Plus, we have chairs that combine the best of both worlds, not to mention reclining chairs to lie right back, chill right out, and soak up the sunshine in style.

Looking for a collapsible chair that's super-light to take hiking? Discover our range of hiking chairs, including some that are small enough to fit inside a backpack. If you're heading to the beach, we also have chairs specially designed for the shoreline. For example, our low beach chair sits low to the ground, reducing your centre of gravity to prevent it sinking in soft sand.

Struggling to choose a camping chair? Check out our Camping Chair Comparison Guide for a quick, easy rundown of the different chairs we sell. Or, for an in-depth breakdown, why not check out our Camping Chair Buying Guide?

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