Portofino Paddle Board 10ft

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A SUP for Every Skillset 

Searching for an inflatable SUP that’s suitable for every skillset and perfect for any purpose? From riding small waves to touring flat waters, the Portofino is a top all-rounder that’s perfect for every type of recreational condition. It also comes with everything you need to hit the water. 

Balanced Thickness 

The Portofino is 4.75” thick, giving it several advantages over a 6” SUP. It’s easier to carry, faster to inflate, and gives you a lower centre of gravity for greater stability and a more confident performance on the water. It’s also stronger than a 4” SUP to reduce flexing. 

Extra-Wide for Ultimate Stability 

At 33”, the Portofino is a good 3” wider than many other 10ft SUPs. This helps to improve its buoyancy on the water, making it far more stable to ride on. Balance and stability are further enhanced by its unique Griptech deck which is designed to deliver optimum grip when wet. 

Drop-Stitch Construction 

The SUP has an internal drop-stitch construction which gives it supreme strength and rigidity. The fabric consists of thousands of nylon threads which expand to form a rock-hard core when inflated. This allows it to support a huge weight without sagging like other inflatables. 

Expertly Engineered 

Unlike many 6” SUPs, which rely on thickness alone for their strength and durability, the Portofino has been designed with extra-tough base materials, including an ultra-tough laminated skin and internal and external rails for unparalleled strength and tension. 

Super-Fast Inflation 

The Portofino is fitted with a Quickflate valve and includes a high-pressure pump for easy inflation. Unlike a 6” SUP, which can take 15 minutes to inflate, the Portofino can be pumped up in less than 5 minutes. A pressure gauge allows you to accurately inflate the SUP to 15 PSI. 

Easy to Store & Carry 

Carrying the Portofino to your destination is easy thanks to its lightweight design and premium travel bag which features comfortable padding and front-loading zip. The SUP weighs 7.8kg and packs into an incredibly compact size, enabling you to easily strap the bag to your back. 

Telescopic Aluminium Paddle 

The Portofino comes with a three-piece aluminium paddle which is adjustable from 167cm to 217cm to comfortably use depending on your height. Because it’s made from aluminium, it’s lightweight to easily handle and floats if you drop it to easily retrieve it from the water. 

Removable 18cm Fin 

An extra-long 18cm x 20cm fin helps the Portofino track with greater ease, precision, and speed. It also enhances its stability on the wate. The fin slides and clips into place for a simple set-up. Its removable design makes the SUP easier to fold up, store away and carry. 

Neoprene Coil Leash 

The Portofino includes a coil leash with an adjustable neoprene ankle strap to prevent the SUP drifting away if you fall into the water. The cord stretches to 2-metres for greater freedom of movement. Its coiled design helps to stop it dragging in the water and slowing you down. 

Travel Bag 

The Portofino’s padded travel bag features a full zip front to easily pack it away and an internal strap to secure it in place. Comfort is provided by a padded back and straps which are designed to evenly distribute weight. Rivets allow water and sand to easily drain away. 

Bungee Cord 

A bungee cord at the front of the SUP allows you to securely strap cargo down that you wish to take with you, such as a dry bag containing a change of clothes or other important provisions. Its durable elasticated design helps to keep your bag nice and taut, so it doesn’t fall overboard. 

Carry Handle 

A padded handle provides a firm, comfortable grip when carrying the SUP to and from the water. The handle is situated in the middle of the deck to evenly distribute the weight of the SUP. It also allows you to easily identify the middle of the board when you’re standing on it. 

Tow Hitches 

The Portofino has a D-ring on the front which provides a perfect attachment point for the coil leash. An additional tow hitch can also be found on the reverse of the SUP. Both can be used to attach a rope, so you can tow the SUP behind a boat or pull it across a sandy beach. 


  • SUP size: 10’ x 33” x 4.75”
  • SUP weight: 7.8kg
  • Padded carry handle
  • Bungee storage space
  • Tow D-ring at front
  • Kayak conversion mounts
  • 3mm EVA deck pad
  • Single removable fin
  • Maximum PSI: 15
  • Maximum load: 120kg


  • Portofino SUP
  • 3-piece paddle
  • High pressure pump
  • Premium travel bag
  • Neoprene coil leash
  • Removable fin
  • Valve wrench
  • Portofino Inflatable SUP is a top all-rounder which measures 10-foot x 33-inches x 4.75-inches when fully inflated and is an excellent choice for inexperienced and advanced boarders alike
  • Complete starter set includes a pump with pressure gauge (15 PSI), telescopic aluminium oar (167-210cm), removable fin, travel bag with easy-load front, coil leash and repair patches
  • Paddle board’s inflatable drop-stitch construction delivers superior rigidity to reduce flex and support a maximum load of 120kg whilst remaining incredibly lightweight (7.8kg) to easily carry
  • Easy-fit removable fin measures an extra-long 18cm x 20cm for superior tracking and paddle board measures an extra-wide 33-inches for greater balance and stability on the open water
  • Portofino SUP can be easily converted into a sit-down kayak using the kayak conversion kit (sold separately) which includes a seat with backrest, footrest, and paddle blade extension
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Salcombe, Devon, UK

10ft Stand Up Paddleboard

An Excellent All-Round Paddle Board Package

  • From riding small waves to touring flat waters, the Portofino 10ft SUP is an excellent all-rounder and a perfect choice for beginners and advanced paddle boarders alike.
  • Includes a pump with a pressure gauge, adjustable paddle, backpack, and neoprene coil leash. Plus, it features a bungee cord, tow hitches, and an inbuilt carry handle.

Exceptional Strength, Stability & Balance

  • With a depth of 4.75", the Portofino is thicker than a 4" SUP for greater rigidity, but thinner than a 6" SUP to reduce your centre of gravity and improve your balance.
  • With a width of 33", the Portofino is wider than most 10ft SUPs to increase its buoyancy and make it easier to balance. It also has drop-stitch design for optimal strength. 

Paddle board size: 10ft x 33" x 4.45"

Premium backpack with front load zip

Strong and rigid drop-stitch construction 

Neoprene coil leash with strap 

Inflation pump with pressure gauge 

Bungee cord, tow hitches, and handle

Height adjustable aluminium oar

Weight: 7.8kg / Load Capacity: 120kg

Key Information

High-Pressure Pump for Fast Inflation

The Portofino has a Quickflate valve and includes a high-pressure pump for easy, speedy inflation. Whereas a 6" SUP takes up to 15 minutes to inflate, the Portofino can be up in 5.

Backpack to Easily Store & Carry

Carrying the Portofino is a breeze thanks to its lightweight and premium travel bag. Features include a front loading zip for easy packing and padded shoulder straps for comfort.

Height Adjustable Aluminium Paddle

The Portofino includes an aluminium paddle which is adjustable from 167cm to 218cm, making it ideal for both shorter and taller people. Plus, it's made from aluminium to float if you drop it.

Removable Extra-Long 18cm Fin

An extra-long 18cm x 20cm fin offers excellent tracking ability, enabling you to paddle with greater precision and speed. In addition, it allows you to easily rotate the board on its axis.

Rigid Drop-Stitch Construction

Drop-stitch is the miracle fabric responsible for the Portofino's exceptional strength and rigidity. It consists of thousands of nylon threads which expand when inflated to form a rock-solid core.

Ultra-Tough Laminated Shell

The Portofino has a tough laminated shell on the top and bottom. By forming a skin-tight seal over the drop-stitch, it helps to keep it firmly in place to maintain maximum strength and rigidity.

Internal & External Side Rails

The top and bottom shell are sealed together by a robust internal side rail. Unlike many SUPs, the internal side rail is covered by an outer side rail for optimal strength and shock-resistance.

Griptech EVA Deck Pads

The Portofino has EVA deck pads which utilise Griptech technology for supreme comfort and grip. Because they're designed to allow water to drain away, there's minimal risk of slipping.

Product Dimensions

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