Inflatable Camping Tents (3)

Inflatable Camping Tents

Love camping but dread pitching up? Eliminate the stress and pitch up in no time with our Inflatable Camping Tents. Forget about fiddly fibreglass poles because our air tents have pre-fitted air poles for a quick, easy set up. Simply peg them down, then pump them up.

Unlike regular poles, there's no risk of the air poles snapping. Plus, they're incredibly strong and rigid when inflated. Thanks to the safety purge pump included, there's no risk of over or under inflating them. So, you can be sure they're the perfect PSI every time.

Essential Features

At Trail, we stock 4 man, 5 man, and 6 man air tents. All three boast a tough TRX 21068D polyester flysheet with a 5000mm hydrostatic head for exceptional rain protection. As the most waterproof tents in our collection, they're a fantastic choice for year-round camping.

We've also designed them with Dark Zone bedrooms to significantly block out sunlight. So, you can enjoy a longer, deeper, and more relaxing sleep. Plus, we've added half mesh/half PVC windows with privacy curtains to provide light and ventilation while keeping insects out.

Looking to learn more about the different sizes and styles we stock? Read on for a quick, easy breakdown of our inflatable range:

Brazen (4 Person)

The Brazen boasts a spacious four-berth bedroom and a living area with standing space and room for a table and chairs. Like all our air tents, it also has a lighter roof in the living area to allow sunlight in throughout the day. Fast and easy to pitch, it's perfect for short trips and festivals.

Gidleigh (5 Person)

Bigger than the Brazen with a five-berth bedroom and a larger living area. Thanks to a toggled divider, you can easily split the bedroom into two for extra privacy. Unlike the Brazen, it also boasts a cable access point to hook up electrical equipment via external mains connection.

Luxton (6 Person)

Luxton by name, luxury by nature. As well as a huge living area and a bedroom with dividers, it features a sheltered front awning. So, you can dine outside while shaded from the sun and rain. Perfect for longer trips with family and friends, it also features a cable access point.

As well as inflatables, we also stock standard dome and tunnel tents in a variety of sizes and styles. Looking to learn more about our range? Check out our Camping Tent Comparison Guide to easily identify the best choice for your next outdoor adventure.

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