Camping Sleeping Equipment (34)

  1. Envelope 200 Sleeping Bag
    Envelope Sleeping Bag 200gsm Redirect URL
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  2. Trail Mummy Sleeping Bag
    Mummy Sleeping Bag 300gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 33% RRP £44.99
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  3. Alpine 250 Sleeping Bag With Hood
    Alpine Hooded Sleeping Bag 250gsm Redirect URL
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  4. Alpine 400 Hooded Sleeping Bag Blue
    Alpine Hooded Sleeping Bag 400gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 53% RRP £59.99
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  5. Trail Kids Envelope Sleeping Bag
    Kids Envelope Sleeping Bag 200gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 55% RRP £29.99
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  6. Double Sleeping Bag
    Double Sleeping Bag 250gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 54% RRP £69.99
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  7. Trail Kids Overnight Adventure Sleeping Bag Blue
    Kids Mummy Sleeping Bag 300gsm Redirect URL
    SAVE 50% RRP £39.99
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Camping Sleeping Equipment

Sleep like a campfire log on outdoor adventures with our Camping Sleeping Equipment. Here, you'll find all the essentials you need to recreate the home comfort feel of your bed. So, you can enjoy the best sleep possible and wake up ready to face a whole new day of adventure.

Sleeping Bags

Like an all-round duvet, sleeping bags are perfect for keeping you warm and cosy. At Trail, we stock a variety of sizes and styles, including sleeping bags for one person, two people, and kids. Plus, summer and winter sleeping bags for warmer and colder weather.

Sleeping Mats

Sleeping on the cold, hard ground is a one-way ticket to back pain. Thankfully, we've got a range of sleeping mats to keep you comfortably cushioned and insulated from the ground. Choose from foam roll mats, self-inflating mats, and ultra-light mats for hiking.


The smaller your load, the easier is to carry when camping. Hence why we recommend taking an inflatable pillow. Unlike the bulky pillow you use at home, they pack into an ultra-compact size. Plus, they're comfortable to use and provide perfect head and neck support.

Air Beds

If you crave luxury comfort when you're camping, we also stock single and double-sized air beds. As the closest thing you'll get to a real mattress, they're supremely comfortable to sleep on. However, it's worth remembering that they're also bulky, heavy, and require a pump.

Struggling to choose the right camping sleeping accessories? Check out our Camping Mat Comparison Guide for a quick rundown of the mats we sell and their individual features. Or, if you're searching for the perfect sleeping bag, read out Sleeping Bag Comparison Guide.

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