Camping Mats & Sleeping Bags (32)

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Wake up feeling fresh and ready for your next adventure with our camping mats and sleeping bags. If you’re planning a country walk or day of paddleboarding, you don’t want to be prising your eyes open with a pair of twigs foraged from the forest floor. You want to be wide awake and full of beans which requires the right sleeping equipment and a sound night’s sleep.

Lightweight and portable, our sleeping mats provide a comfortable surface to sleep on when you’re camping. Plus, they help to insulate you from the ground to keep you warm at night. Packing light? Our ultralight mats and foam roll mats are a top choice for hiking trips. If you’re after something closer to a mattress, opt for one of our self-inflating mats which range in thickness to increase your comfort level. We also have inflatable pillows to rest your head.

Sleeping bags are essential for keeping you warm and cosy when you’re sleeping. Whilst envelope sleeping bags are ideal for summer camping, mummy sleeping bags provide extra insulation if you’re camping in colder weather. All our sleeping bags have a hollowfibre filling for optimum warmth and a breathable shell for comfort. They also come with a lightweight compression sack to easily store and carry with the rest of your camping equipment.

If you’re coupling up, our double camping mats and sleeping bags are the way to go. We also have children’s sleeping bags for family adventures. The sleeping bags are perfect for children aged 4 to 12 years old with a maximum height of 5ft. If your child is taller, you can welcome them into the big league by treating them to one of our adult sleeping bags.

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