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  2. 22L Camping Cool Box
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  3. Large 45L Cool Box on Wheels
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Camping Cool Boxes

Sick and tired of eating tinned food when you're camping? Ditch the Spam for a full English (or healthy salad) with our Camping Cool Boxes. Boasting high performance PU foam insulation, they're perfect for keeping food and drinks chilled for longer, including fresh meat and cheeses. Plus, they're compact and easy to carry, making them great for camping, picnics, festivals, BBQs, and more.

All our cooler boxes boast a tough PE and PP construction for exceptional strength and durability. For hygienic use, we've also designed them with a food safe liner which is HDPE and BPA-free. Also, it's stain-resistant, so if you spill anything inside it, there's no chance of it leaving its mark. The cooler boxes come in three sizes with the largest able to keep stuff chilled for up to three days. Impressive!

5 Litre Cooler Box (12hrs Max Cooling Time)

Great for picnics and day trips, our 5L cooler box has the capacity to hold 6 x 330ml or 8 x 300ml cans of drink. It also comes with a reusable ice block which fits onto the underside of the lid to improve its cooling performance. Keeps food and drinks chilled for up to 12 hours.

22 Litre Cooler Box (48hrs Max Cooling Time)

The bigger, bulkier sibling of our 5L cool box has a generous 22L capacity to give you extra space for food and drink. Plus, it comes with not one, but two reusable ice blocks. Perfect for weekend breaks, it's capable of keeping food and drinks chilled for a maximum of 48 hours.

45 Litre Cooler Box (72hrs Max Cooling Time)

This beefcake can hold a whopping 48 litres and boasts a max cooling time of 72 hours. As a result, it's a top choice for large picnics, longer camping trips, and festivals. Added extras include integrated cup holders on the lid. Plus, wheels and a tow handle to comfortably pull along.

Last Minute Advice

For the best cooling performance, always use our cooling boxes with frozen ice blocks and pre-chilled items. Also, be sure to shut the lid immediately after removing items to prevent cold air escaping. As well as keeping cold food and drinks chilled, you can also use our cooler boxes to keep hot food warm for longer. Just make sure you take out the freezer block first!


Love cooking and mealtimes when you're camping? As well as coolers to keep food fresh, we also stock portable kitchen and dining furniture.

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