According to the International Surfing Association, stand up paddle boarding is the world’s fastest growing water sport. And for good reason...

It’s fun, healthy, and accessible to all!

Unlike many other water sports, it can be practised everywhere from coastlines in the West Country to small canals in cities such as Manchester and London. Put simply, anyone can hop on a stand up paddle board (SUP) and hit the water – regardless of their location!

Also, paddle boards used to be made out of wood, making them difficult to store away. But nowadays, most SUPs are inflatable to take up minimal space in storage.

One such paddle board is our 10ft Portofino SUP.

Ranked as the best paddle board for beginners by Expert Reviews, it comes with all the equipment you need to get started.

Plus, it’s an excellent all-rounder that’s as adept at riding small waves as it is on calmer waters. Trail reveals all.

Great for Adults & Kids

With a length of 10-foot, the Portofino is easier to manoeuvre than a longer board and perfect for first-time paddle boarders. Also, its size makes it a flexible choice for families because it can be used by both adults and kids. It even includes a lightweight height adjustable paddle which can be easily shortened for younger paddlers. Remember, if you are introducing a child to the joys of paddle boarding, you should only let them paddle on calm, shallow waters.

A Perfect Thickness

The majority of SUPs measure 4-inches or 6-inches thick when fully inflated. But at 4.75-inches thick, the Portofino strikes a perfect balance between the two. Because it has a lower centre of gravity than a 6-inch board, it’s easier to control and manoeuvre. Also, it’s stronger and stiffer than a 4-inch board to minimise flexing and support a 120kg load. And with the addition of bungee cords, its weight capacity should allow you to easily carry a bag or picnic.

Portofino 10ft SUP ithe best paddle board for beginners.

Extra Wide for Stability

The Portofino measures 33-inches wide which is 3-inches wider than the majority of 10-foot SUPs. As a result, it’s less prone to wobbling on the water, making it easier to hold your balance. Reviewing the Portofino, consumer lifestyle website, T3, noted that “it’s super-wide deck gives a really stable platform from which to paddle”. And with learning to balance being one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, this makes it one of the best paddle boards for beginners.

Drop-Stitch Construction

Balance is further enhanced by the Portofino’s inflatable drop-stitch construction which consists of thousands of nylon threads. As the Portofino is inflated, the threads expand to form a rock solid core and give it optimum strength and rigidity. Usually, this type of drop-stitch construction is found on far pricier paddle boards. The threads are held in place by a tough laminated shell and double side rails for extra strength, durability, and protection.

Exclusive GripTech Deck

Learning to balance on a SUP is all well and good, but you’ll be sliding around like a conga eel if you don’t have any traction. Thankfully, we’ve designed the Portofino with a unique GripTech deck to prevent wet feet from slipping and make it easier to maintain your balance. Reviewing the Portofino for review website, What’s The Best, Adam Binnie noted that: “Other boards I’ve used with a grippier deck are great for improving traction underfoot, but can be a bit uncomfortable on the knees. The Portofino somehow manages to be great at both”.

Portofino 10ft SUP is the best paddle board for beginners.

Convertible into a Kayak

Fancy a more relaxing day exploring our beautiful coastlines and waters? Look no further than our Portofino Kayak Conversion Kit. Available to purchase separately, it includes a comfortable seat with a backrest, plus a foam footrest for your feet. Both are easily attachable to the Portofino using its inbuilt connection points. In addition, the kit includes an extension paddle, so you can easily convert the Portofino’s paddle into a two-blade kayak paddle.

Easy Front Load Bag

In their review of the Portofino, What’s The Best described its travel bag as one of the best thought-out bits of its design. For starters, it has a large front loading zip to easily store and remove the Portofino. Also, the bag has extra space inside it which makes the Portofino a breeze to pack away – even when it isn’t fully deflated. There’s even room for the paddle, pump, and accessories. A padded back and padded adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry. And with a weight of 7.8kg, it’s far lighter to haul than the majority of paddle boards.

Complete SUP Package

Cost is one of the most common reasons people are put off of paddle boarding. On top of a SUP, you need a paddle, pump, and bag, which don’t come cheap. Thankfully, the Portofino comes with all the kit you need. As well as a height adjustable paddle, it includes a pump with a pressure gauge to inflate it to the correct capacity (15psi). Plus, a coil leash, repair patches, and a removable fin to easily rotate the board on its axis.

10ft Portofino Paddleboard

So, what are you waiting for? Start your adventure today with the Portofino Paddle Board.