Looking to upgrade your tent pegs but aren’t sure where to start? We’re here to help. Easily compare our tent pegs and find the perfect type for your next camping trip with our handy comparison table.

Hard Ground
Heavy Duty
Glow in the Dark
Strong, thick pegs for hard and stony ground.An excellent upgrade for standard tent pegs.Lightweight, but robust. Best for backpacking.Perfect for avoiding late night trips and falls.Screw into the ground for optimal holding power.
Strength Rating
Number of Pegs2030202020
Ground Type
Hard & Stony

All types

Soft & Muddy

Hard & Stony

Stony & Gravel
MaterialSteel with
SteelPolypropyleneSteel with
Steel with
Compact Mallet
Peg Extractor
Magnetic Bolt Head
Peg Thickness5.5mm4.5mm24mm6.5mm7.5mm
Peg Length20cm22.5cm22cm20cm22cm
Compact Drawcord Bag
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