Buying a tent but unsure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With so many sizes, styles, and features to think about, most people find it a daunting task. Also, a tent is a big investment, something you'll want to use year after year. So, it's important to choose the best one possible. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find your perfect home from home. In our camping tent buying guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on the types of tent we sell and the key features to look out for. So, you can choose the best one possible for your camping or festival adventure.

Types of Tent

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are a popular choice with festival campers who are looking to pitch up and party as quickly as possible. Unlike other tents, they have a coiled frame to instantly pop into shape and can be pitched in less than a minute. However, they’re smaller than other tents and aren’t as waterproof, making them better suited to shorter trips during the dry summer months.

Air Tents

If pitching a tent puts you off camping, an air tent is a perfect option. Instead of fiddly fibreglass poles, they have inflatable air poles for a stress-free set up. Simply peg the tent down, then pump it up for super-fast and easy pitching. Spacious and comfortable, they're also great if you like a bit of luxury when you're camping. Plus, they're highly waterproof to stand up to the British weather.

Dome Tents

Dome tents have poles which cross in the middle, forming a large dome shape with plenty of space. Also, the crossing poles provide extra strength and stability, making them more wind-resistant than other types of tent. Not only are they easy to pitch, but they have a bedroom and front area to store equipment. As a result, they’re great for weekend campers who are looking for extra space.

Tunnel Tents

Searching for something bigger for a group or family outing? Look no further than a tunnel tent. Unlike dome tents, they have arched poles which form a spacious tunnel shape. As well as being tall enough to stand in, most have a living area which is big enough for a table and chairs. Plus, multiple bedrooms for extra privacy while sleeping. Because of their size, they're great for longer camping trips.

Sleeping Capacity

Sleeping capacity refers to the maximum number of people who can sleep inside a tent. If you like lots of space, choose a tent one size up. For example, a three man tent if two of you are camping.

Living / Storage Area

In addition to a bedroom, most tents have a living area to relax and store your gear. Because tunnel tents are bigger, the living area often has space for a table, chairs, and other furniture.

Flysheet (Outer Fabric)

A flysheet is the outer fabric on a tent and is usually a tough polyester material. Although its purpose is to keep you warm and dry, the amount of rain protection it provides depends on its Hydrostatic Head.

Bedroom Pod (Inner Fabric)

Bedroom pods clip onto the inside of the tent to create a warm, comfy sleeping space and reduce light infiltration. For extra privacy and easy access, most have a zip entrance door.

Mesh Vents

Most bedrooms have air vents with mesh fabric to keep out insects. The vents also have covers, so you can close them up on colder nights to keep the bedroom warm. Conversely, you can open them on warmer nights to keep the bedroom cool and reduce condensation.

Cable Access Point

Some tents have cable access points to power a kettle, charger, and other electricals via external mains connection. However, this is only possible if your campsite has an electric hook up point.

Ceiling/Lantern Hook

Tents with a larger living area often have a ceiling hook attached to one of the overhanging poles. As well as hanging a lantern to illuminate your tent at night, you can use the hook to dry out clothing. Or hang a piñata!

King Poles (Canopy Poles)

Some of our larger tents come with king poles, allowing you to create a sun canopy. Simply use the poles to prop open the entrance door and increase light and ventilation inside the tent.

Storage Pockets

Storage pockets inside the bedroom area provide a handy storage space for valuables and other bits and bobs. Some of our larger tents also have extra pockets in the living area.

TPU Air Poles

Inflatable tents have thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) air poles which are super-strong and rigid when inflated. Simply peg the tent down, then pump the poles up for super-fast and easy pitching.

Boston Valves

Each air pole has a Boston valve for easy pump connection. Simply release the first valve cap to connect the pump and inflate without any air loss. Or release the second cap to deflate the poles.

Dark Zone Technology

Most of our tents have darkened Dark Zone bedroom pods. Designed using darker fabric, they significantly block out sunlight, allowing you to enjoy a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Hydrostatic Head (HH)

A Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating indicates how waterproof a tent is. For lighter showers, a tent requires a 1500mm HH. However, you'll need a tent with a 3000mm to 5000mm HH for heavier downpours.

Entrance Doors

Although smaller tents tend to have a single door with two way zips, larger tents usually have multiple doors to provide extra access to groups and families. Some also have secondary mesh doors to allow light in while keeping insects out.

Sewn-In Groundsheet

A groundsheet is the floor of a tent and comes either sewn-in or loose. Sewn-in groundsheets come pre-fitted, keeping you fully sealed off from damp, draughts, and insects.

Bathtub Groundsheet

Whereas a sewn-in groundsheet comes pre-fitted, a bathtub groundsheet is loose with toggle and Velcro attachments for easy fitting. Raised sides help to keep out damp and draughts.

Fibreglass Poles

Frame tents come with flexible fibreglass poles which are both lightweight and very strong. For compact storage, they usually come in sections with shock cords to easily pop together.

Guy Lines

All tents come with hi-vis guy lines for greater strength and torsional stability. For ultimate wind-resistance, most of our larger tents have an extra-strong advanced guy line system (AGS Tech).


Most tents have clear PVC windows in the living area to aid visibility. Whereas some have normal windows, others have half mesh/half PVC windows to aid ventilation. Plus, curtains for extra privacy.

Oversized Travel Bag

All our tents come with an oversized travel bag for easy storage and transportation. Because the bag is extra-big, it has plenty of extra space inside it, making packing the tent a breeze.

Safety Purge Pump

All our inflatable tents come with a safety purge pump for fast, easy inflation. Because it has a purge valve, it releases excess air once the air poles have reached 7PSI to safeguard from over-inflation.

Front Awning

Some of our larger tents have an awning outside the entrance which has plenty of space for a table and chairs. So, you can dine outside in the fresh air while sheltered from the sun and rain.

Introducing our Camping Tents

So, now you’ve learned about the different types of tent, it’s finally time to choose one. To give you a helping hand, we've compiled a list of the best tents for festivals, families, short breaks, and luxury camping. Plus, the best tent to suit your budget.

Best Festival Tents

Budget Choice: Pop Up 2 Man Tent

It might be on the small side, but if all you need is a place to crash, the Pop Up is a perfect option. What's more, it clocks in at 1.2kg, making it lightweight and easy to carry on festival adventures.

Comfort Choice: Hartland 4 Man 2 Room Tent

As well as a small living area to relax and store equipment, the Hartland has two bedrooms for extra privacy if you’re camping with friends. Also, it’s compact to carry and easy to pitch.

Luxury Choice: Braddon 5 Man Tent

Alongside a large bedroom to sleep five people, the Braddon boasts a spacious living area with enough room for a table and chairs. Perfect for chilling with your family and friends.

Pop Up 2 Man TentHartland 4 Man 2 Room TentBraddon 5 Man Tent
TypePop Up tentTunnel TentTunnel Tent
Sleeping Capacity2 People4 People5 People
Bedroom PodNo2 bedroom pods1 bedroom pod
Dark ZoneNoYes - in both bedroomsYes
Living AreaNoYesYes
Hydrostatic Head1500mm3000mm3000mm
GroundsheetSewn-InSewn-in on bedrooms, loose in living roomBathtub
Mesh Vents1 vent in bedroom1 in each bedroom, with curtain3 vents across bedroom living space
WindowsN/AN/A2 half mesh half PVC + 2 PVC front windows
Storage PocketsNo1 in each bedroomNo
Entrance Doors1 with 2-way zip and rain shield1 with 2-way zipZip entrance with secondary mesh door
Pole TypeN/AFibreglassFibreglass
King PolesNoYes - 2 poles for sun canopyYes - 2 poles for sun canopy
Guy Lines SystemStandardStandardAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line System
Travel BagYes, with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegs
Pitched SizeL216cm x W118cm x H90/65cmL420cm x W210cm x H140cmL465cm x W320cm x H180/205cm
Bedroom SizesSame as aboveL120cm x W210cm x H115cmL210cm x W300cm x H180/205cm
Living Area SizeN/AL150cm x W200cm x H115cmL235cm x W300cm x H205cm
Packed SizeL65cm x W65cm x H4cmL58cm x W21cm x H21cm L73cm x W28cm x H28cm

Family Favourites

Budget Choice: Easdon 6 Tunnel Tent

Searching for a family tent that won’t break your budget? Look no further than the Easdon 6 Person Tent. As well as a large living area with space to stand up in, it has two darkened bedrooms to enjoy a long, relaxing sleep.

Comfort Choice: Hexton 6 Person Tunnel Tent

Looking for a high-quality family tent that's big on features? The Hexton 6 Person Tent has you covered. As well as a large living area and two oversized bedrooms, it has a cable access point to hook up electrical equipment.

Luxury Choice: Gidleigh 5 Person Air Tent

In need of a family-sized tent but don't want the stress of pitching? Look no further than our Gidleigh 5 Person Air Tent. Simply peg it down, pump it up, and you're ready for your camping adventures!

Easdon 6 Person Tunnel TentHexton 6 Person Family TentGidleigh 5 Person Air Tent
TypeTunnel tentTunnel tentAir Tent
Sleeping Capacity6 People6-8 people5 People
Bedroom Pod2 bedroom pods2 bedroom pods1 bedroom pod with removable divider
Dark ZoneYes - both bedroomsYes - both bedroomsYes
Living AreaYes - tall enough to stand inYes - tall enough to stand inYes - tall enough to stand
Hydrostatic Head3000mm HH5000mm HH5000mm HH
GroundsheetBathtubSewn-in in all roomsSewn-In
Mesh VentsYes1 in each bedroom, with covers1 above each front window and low level vents in living area.
Windows2 PVC windows, with covers2 – half PVC, half mesh 2 large PVC windows with covers and 2 small front windows
Storage Pockets1 in each bedroom1 in each bedroomNo
Entrance Doors2 doors with secondary mesh doors2 doors with secondary mesh doors2 doors with secondary mesh door
Pole TypeFibreglassFibreglassAir
King PolesYes – 2 poles for sun canopyYes - 2 poles for sun canopyYes - 2 poles for sun canopy
Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line System
Travel BagOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegs
Extra FeaturesN/ACable access point Cable access point
Pitched SizeL700cm x W240cm x H185/210cmL700cm x W240cm x H200/220cmL465cm x W320cm x H200/180cm
Bedroom SizesL215cm x W225cm x H185/210cmL210cm x W220cm x H200cm/220cmL210cm x W300cm x H200/180cm
Living Area Size L240cm x W240cm x H210cmL240cm x W220cm x H220cmL255cm x 320c, x 200cm
Packed SizeL75cm x W35cm x H33cmL70cm x W32cm x H32cm80cm x 41cm x 40cm

Top Tents for a Mini Getaway

Budget Choice: Bracken Dome Tents

The Bracken is a spacious dome tent with a bedroom and a front porch to conveniently store your gear. Lightweight and easy to pitch, it also comes in three sizes for two person, three person, and four person camping.

Comfort Choice: Bowden 3 Man Tunnel Tent

Looking for a tent that's compact and easy to carry, but packed with space once pitched? With space to sleep three people and a living area store your gear, the Bowden is an ideal option. Perfect if you're camping as a couple.

Luxury Choice: Brazen 4 Man Air Tent

If you're after a luxury tent for a romantic getaway, the Brazen is the tent for you. Thanks to its inflatable air poles, it's quick and easy to pitch. Plus, it has a four person bedroom, and a large living area for romantic meals.

Bracken Dome TentsBowden 3 Man Tunnel TentBrazen 4 Man Air Tent
TypeDome tentTunnel tentAir Tent
Sleeping Capacity2, 3 and 4 person available3 people4 people
Bedroom Pod1 bedroom pod1 bedroom pod1 bedroom pod
Dark ZoneYesYesYes
Living AreaFront porch, no groundsheet PorchYes - standing height
Hydrostatic Head3000mm HH3000mm HH5000mm HH
GroundsheetSewn-in in bedroomSewn-in in bedrooms, bathtub in living areaSewn-in in bedroom, bathtub in living area
Mesh Vents1 in bedroom3 air vents1 in bedroom
WindowsN/AN/A2 Half Mesh Half PVC
Storage Pockets1 in bedroomN/AN/A
Entrance Doors1 with 2-way zip3 doors with 2-way zips1 with 2-way zip
Pole TypeFibreglassFibreglassAir
King PolesN/AYes - 2 poles for sun canopyYes - 2 poles for sun canopy
Guy Line SystemStandardAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line System
Travel BagOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegs
Extra FeaturesN/AN/ACable Access Point
Pitched SizeSee belowL435cm x W210cm x H125/145cmL455cm x W270cm x H195/165cm
Bedroom SizesSee belowL210cm x W205cm x H125/145cmL220cm x W240cm x H 195/164cm
Living Area SizeSee belowL215cm x W205cm x H135/145cmL235cm x W270cm x H 195cm
Packed SizeSee belowL71cm x W23cm x H22cm78cm x 38cm x 38cm
WeightSee below7.35kg14.9kg
Bracken 2 PersonBracken 3 PersonBracken 4 Person
Pitched SizeL300cm x W140cm x H110cmL320cm x W210cm x H130cmL360cm x W240cm x H130cm
Bedroom SizesL200cm x W140cm x H110cmL210cm x W210cm x H110cmL240cm x W240cm x H120cm
Front Porch SizeL100cm x W140cm x H110cmL110cm x W210cm x H120cmL120cm x W240cm x H130cm

Best Tents for Luxury Camping

Budget Choice: Stannon 5 Man Tunnel Tent

Not too big, but not too small, the Stannon is perfect for both longer and shorter trips. As well as a five person bedroom, it has a standing height living area with room for a table and chairs. Plus, king poles to create an entrance canopy.

Comfort Choice: Shilstone 6 Man Family Tent

As well as a sewn-in groundsheet and six person bedroom, the Shilstone has a 5000mm HH, making it great for all-year camping. As our longest, widest, and tallest tent, it's a perfect choice for group adventures.

Luxury Choice: Luxton 6 Man Air Tent

After a luxury tent that's quick to pitch? Setting up has never been so easy with our inflatable Luxton tent. As well as two spacious bedrooms, it has a large living area with cable access. Say goodbye to the stress of camping!

Stannon 5 Man Tunnel TentShilstone 6 Man Tunnel TentLuxton 6 Man Air Tent
TypeTunnel Tunnel Air
Sleeping Capacity5 People6 people6 people
Bedroom Pod1 bedroom pod with removable divider1 bedroom pod with 2 removable dividers1 bedroom pod with 2 removable dividers
Dark ZoneYesYesYes
Living AreaYes - standing heightYes - standing height Yes - standing height
Hydrostatic Head5000mm HH5000mm HH5000mm HH
GroundsheetSewn-in Sewn-in Sewn-in
Mesh Vents2 across living space and bedroom4 across living space and bedroom4 across living space and bedroom
Windows2 half mesh half PVC + 2 PVC front windows2 large PVC windows with covers and 3 front windows2 large PVC windows with covers and 3 front windows
Storage PocketsN/AYesYes
Entrance Doors1 door with 2-way zip2 doors with 2 way zip2 doors with 2 way zip
Pole TypeFibreglassFibreglassAir
King PolesYes – 2 poles for sun canopyNo - integrated awning instead No - integrated awning instead
Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line SystemAdvanced Tri-Point Guy Line System
Travel BagOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegsOversized with set of steel pegs
Extra FeaturesCable Access PointCable Access PointCable Access Point
Pitched SizeL480cm x W320cm x H190/210cmL640cm x W400cm x H210cmL600cm x W380cm x H210/200cm
Bedroom SizesL210cm x W300cm x H190/210cmL210cm x W380cm x H 195/175cmL210cm x W360cm x H 195/175cm
Living Area SizeL270cm x W320cm x H210cmL280cm + 140cm awning, W400cm, H210cmL280cm + 100cm awning, W380cm, H210cm
Packed SizeL68cm x W30cm x H30cm80cm x 38cm x 37.5cm80cm x 48cm x 47cm